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How we do it

The quality of industrial feed water is one of the main requirements of any manufacturing process. Based on the nature of the industry or type of products, the required quality of industrial feed water differ from industry to industry. Our fully-fledged Research & Development arm carries out pilot trials for each type of industrial feed water requirement prior to the selection of the most suitable industrial water treatment system. In combination with our own in-house expertise, continuous R&D inputs, and the expertise of Veolia (the largest water management company in the world),

we design our industrial water treatment systems to meet desired water quality levels of our customers, guaranteeing uninterrupted process performance at all times. Improvement of industrial water quality requires several types of industrial water treatments. Our industrial water purification technologies include Aeration, Clarification, Filtration, Softening, Deionization, Disinfection, and Membrane Separation such as Ultra-Filtration (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) depending on the quality of raw water source. We perform chemical industrial water treatment, and we are proficient in color, taste, and odor removal.

Our Solutions

Drinking water solutions for industries

Ultra-pure industrial water purification solutions for industries

Process industrial water purification solutions

Customized industrial water purification solutions for different industry requirements

Process and facility management

Consultancy services for effective water management and industrial water purification

Industrial Water Audits

Operation & Maintenance services

Supply of Chemicals

Our pledge to keep a clean and safe community

Our pledge to keep a clean and safe community

We facilitate all our clients to have clean water, purified as per the client-specific process requirement which in turn the end consumers will have access to a quality product. Therefore, we take all measures to ensure the consistency of the quality of the purification of water for desired application.

The stability of the quality and taste of the product depends on the consistent quality of the water. As in, we facilitate our clients to have consistency in their products such as ice cream and beverage by maintaining the appropriate consistency of water used in the particular product

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