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Hassle free purified drinking water is one of the key requirements in today’s corporate world. We came up with an innovative plug and play water purifier that provides clean drinking water in three different modes (Hot water, room temperature water, cold water). Water straight from the tap is purified with an advanced filtration system, which comes in handy to your office, restaurant, cafeteria, or any other suitable place. Hydrocove completely eliminates the hassle that a corporate office face in the current context specially in the post-Covid-19 era

, such as regular visits of delivery people, storage space for filled and empty water bottles, and further minimize cost on the long run. Hydrocove is backed with dedicated technical teams that visit your place and install the water purifier at the most suitable location enabling you to have purified drinking water in the most convenient manner. The system has advanced filtration system which will enable a continuous supply of purified drinking water. Hydrocove is supported by a 24/7 after care team that will attend to your requirements such as changing of filters.

Our Solutions

Easy to use – plug and play water purifier

Purified drinking (same quality as bottled water) with advanced filtration system

Economical in the long run compared to bottled water

No hassle on changing 19L water bottles

No additional space requirement to store filled and empty water bottles

No disturbance from delivery people of water bottles

Reduce plastic usage

Contribute to minimize vehicle emissions

Improve the office ambience

From Tap To Cup

Sustainable consumption - Our pledge to keep a clean and safe community

Sustainable consumption - Our pledge to keep a clean and safe community

Being an organization extremely sensitive to the environment, this initiative will not only provide convenience to corprates but also facilitate the habit of reducing usage of plastic bottles. Further, it indirectly contributes to reduce the vehicle emissions - using Hydrocove will stop the transportation of water bottles by large trucks - and facilitate corporates to reduce the carbon footprint.

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