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Puritas consists of a dynamic team of professionals in diverse capacities and disciplines to cater to the need for environmental engineering. Our team is continuously exploring the gaps in the ecosystem and offer most the appropriate water purification and air purification solutions to maintain the natural balance of it. In parallel to the professional life, our team is passionate in giving their hand to various activities to uplift the living standards of all needy living beings in our society.

Being Futuristic

Being Futuristic

Dr. Yohan Weerasuriya, the visionary leader and the founder of this environmental engineering company was futuristic in 1995 and identified the need for waste water and water purification by anticipating the revolution of globalization and industrialization when no one else in Sri Lanka has ever thought of this paradigm shift. The journey he started back in 1995, drove Puritas to be the market leader in both Sri Lanka and The Republic of Maldives


We are committed to facilitate our clients to reduce the impact on the environment and ensure that all our water purification and air purification services and solutions will be in line with the natural ecosystem to have a better tomorrow for all living beings. We practice what we preach and we lead by example.


We maintain high expectations of ourselves as we strive to deliver innovative, comprehensive, sustainable solutions to our clients. We take pride in delivering outstanding results.


At Puritas, we strive to have a positive social and environmental impact not only through the work we do for clients but also in how we treat

our employees, society, and how we conduct our business. Our culture is the foundation of who we are and how we work.



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Puritas - a dynamic specialist in environmental engineering keen in creating value to the environment to preserve it as it should be since its inception in 1995. The company originated from Sri Lanka and expanded its businesses gradually in the region and became the market leader in the territories of Sri Lanka and The Maldives, offering a wide range of solutions for water purification and air purification.