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Puritas Sath Diyawara

Puritas Sath Diyawara is the sprout of joy for the people who keep feeding the country, while combatting the deadly Chronic Kidney Disease. Puritas Sath Diyawara did not give just purified water, but brought smiles, hope of new life and created an everlasting bond between Puritas team and the villagers.

Puritas Sath Diyawara

Puritas Sath Diyawara

A project comprises with a centralized Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification System, Water Docking Stations around the village and a Bowser to transport water to docking stations.

Puritas Sath Diyawara was initiated as a brainchild of Puritas family to extend their expertise for a socially needed course; provide clean drinking water for people in Chronic Kidney Disease-(CKD)affected areas of Sri Lanka. The first project was created and launched in August 2014 in a small village called D10, Maithreepura in Padaviya. With this great start, to date, we have completed 16 projects, with the kind hearted corporates of Hayleys family and other interested corporates. The Puritas Sath Diyawara project is providing clean drinking water for over 33,500 people in Northern and North Central provinces of Sri Lanka on daily basis.

We have developed a self-sustainable operating model in a village and the capital injection is provided by the company or any of the sponsoring companies. All the assets of the project is transferred to a community-based organization (CBO), which was installed specifically for the project. CBO is expected to operate and maintain the plant and allowed to sell clean drinking water to villagers at the rate of Rs.1.00 / liter. This income shall compensate the operation and maintenance costs of the project including salaries for operators and tractor driver, Electricity costs, fuel for tractor and other maintenance costs of the premises.

In addition to providing clean drinking water, depending on the village requirement, a fully fledged library, model organic farm and various other social and economic activities to uplift the wellbeing of villagers had become additional components of the project.

We have witnessed that savings of the income they receive from selling water has been spent to improve the education level of village children and the development of essential infrastructure for common use.

Key features of Puritas Sath Diyawara

1.Centralized water treatment plant (RO technology)

2.Water docking stations around the village

3.Bowser to distribute water around the village

4.Library facility (depending on the requirement of the village)

Saving a valuable human life by providing clean drinking water, which is a natural extension of our knowhow and expertise is our core objective of this CSR initiative. We started this initiative with a small investment and make it as the main common CSR platform of Hayleys Group of companies by involving all the sectors in terms of investment and cooperation of staff members. We will be continuing this journey until the people in these areas are given purified pipe born water by the government of Sri Lanka.



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